Learn and Play Updog Seminar & Trial

September 24th & 25th

     Sweet Mouse Acres in Lumsden
      Google pin
Head Judge: Sal Evans
Seminar Cost: 20$
Runs: 7$/run
Entries close midnight September 19th  


  • Seminar starts at 9am
  • Judge’s Briefing at 10:45am
  • First dog on the line at 11:00am
  • Max 120 runs 


  • Judge’s Briefing at 8:45am
  • First dog on the line at 9:00am
  • Max 150 runs 


This is a lower frills trial. There will be awards, but nothing too fancy. 

We will be offering the following divisions:

  • Rookies (This is your first or second trial)
  • Sophmores (This is your third thru tenth trial)
  • Veterans  

Far Out will be held on a modified field – we have a little over 55 yards before fence and trees. 

Depending on entries, we may pull Spaced out level 2. If we do, we will contact everyone who entered. 

The seminar Saturday morning will go over basic strategies for the games we are playing.

Please send payment as eTransfer to Regina@discdog.ca. Include some way for me to match to your entry and use your dog’s name as the password.   


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