Disc Selection

To compete, you will want to use a dog safe disc. Dog-safe means a solid disc without holes, that is made out of a material that will puncture instead of shatter, and has a rim that will not hurt a dog’s mouth when it is caught.

For plastic, the most common discs are made by Hero disc USA, Hyperflite, or Wham-o. All of these put a small mark on the underside of their discs, so you can flip them over to see. Other less common discs are the Latitude64 opto bite, as well as discs made by Dogstar, Frisbeescape, and Mamadisc.

Fabric discs are also commonly used – especially for new or tentative dogs or dogs who have a soft bite. The most commonly used one is the Chuckit paraflite. Other options include the Nerfdog flyer and the Booda tailspin flyer.

If you have a hard biting dog, you will want to go with a bite resistant/heavy plastic disc. These are more expensive, but will need to be replaced less often. As a bonus, they are a bit more resistant to the effects of our prairie wind.

RDDC maintains a collection of various different discs that are available so you can determine which disc feels most comfortable for you and your dog before buying your own set. If you want to try, let us know and we can bring it to find the best option for you and your dog.

Where to buy

Canadian Suppliers


  • DTWorld (fastback frisbees)
  • HeroDiscUSA
  • Hyperflite



Disc Maintenance

Discs are best kept away from your dog when you are not playing with them. This makes them a special Play-Together limited edition treat and will keep the dog from chewing them up during downtime.

We recommend regularly cleaning your discs to prevent dirt buildup. Dirt in your disc can be abrasive and act like sandpaper on your dog’s teeth.

You will also want to regularly inspect your discs for nicks and cuts that stick up. You can clean these up either by dremeling them down, or melting and reshaping them with a hot spoon.

Another common issue is warping, especially with discs left in a hot car. During summer, you can lay your discs out on a flat surface in the sun and they will reshape themselves back to being flat. During winter you can run them through a dishwasher, then pull them out before the drying cycle and lay them on a flat surface to cool.


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