UpDog Trial

January 14th

     Over the Top Riding Arena, Moose Jaw
Head Judge: Sal Evans
       or 6 runs for $72
       Puppy rollers are free
Entries close January 7th, or whenever the maximum runs have been reached. 


  • Set up at 8:00am
  • Warm up Throwing at 8:20am
  • Judge’s Briefing at  8:30am
    followed immediately by first dog on the line
  • Max 150 runs



 ** Important Indoor Arena Policy Update**

We need to be able to cover the cost of the arena rental.

If a minimum number of paid runs is not reached by closing date, the trial will be cancelled and refunds issued to those who have entered.

If the trial is cancelled due to roads/weather, refunds will be issued. There will be no other refunds issued unless the costs for the arena rental are covered.

You must include your UTN with this entry if you have one for your team or your entry will not be accepted. A UTN is not required so if you do not yet have one for your team, leave the UTN section blank.


The order of games is subject to change and will be emailed to participants along with other trial information, in the week before the trial.  

This is a no-frills/points only trial so there will be no placement or other prizes.

Please transfer your entry fees to lewism40@gmail.com and include some way to link it to your entry. Entries will not be confirmed until we have your payment.

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Updog Team numbers are available on the Updog Team site.