Monster Mash UpDog Trial

October 22nd & 23rd

     Sweet Mouse Acres in Lumsden
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Head Judge: Sal Evans
       or 6 runs for $60
       Puppy rollers are free
Entries close October 14th, or whenever  the maximum runs have been reached. 


  • Set up at 8:30am
  • Warm up Throwing at 8:40am
  • Judge’s Briefing at  8:50am
    followed immediately by first dog on the line
  • Max 180 runs – Reached. We are now waitlisting


  • Set up at 8:00am
  • Warm up Throwing at 8:15am
  • Judge’s Briefing at  8:25am
    followed immediately by first dog on the line
  • Max 180 runs 


This trial will be held in Argente Arena at Sweet Mouse Acres outside of Lumsden, Sask (arena is 60 X 120 ft). Dry Camping is available on site. If weather conditions allow, we will play some or all of the games outdoors, otherwise we will play indoors.
The order of games is subject to change and will be emailed to participants along with other trial information, in the week before the trial. There will be several special awards each day as well as the costume contest on Saturday, sweet spot prizes, volunteer prizes and a photo booth.
You must include your UTN with this entry if you have one for your team or your entry will not be accepted. A UTN is not required so if you do not yet have one for your team, leave the UTN section blank.
This will also be our mulligan trial with proceeds from the mulligans to go to Unicef Canada, Ukrainian children’s fund. Teams are allowed one mulligan over the weekend at a cost of $5. Mulligan must be declared with at least 5 seconds left on the clock. More info on mulligans will be given during briefing for those who are not familiar with how the mulligans work.
Please transfer your entry fees to and include some way to link it to your entry. Entries will not be confirmed until we have your payment.

Divisions for all games except Boom & 4WP are based on the average score for your team in the last 3 UpDog events you have played in.

You will either be in Beginner/Novice (B/N) or Advanced/Expert (A/E). Use the last 3 UpDog events for each game to determine your average score for division purposes.

Note that if you have been in less than 3 UpDog trials, you would be in B/N division.

As a reminder, a dog can play a maximum of 10 runs per day as per UpDog rules.

Game Novice Expert
Frizgility up to 99pts 100+pts
7-Up up to 48pts 49+ pts
Time Warp up to 50pts 51+ pts
Throw’n’Go up to 32pts 33+ pts
Spaced Out up to 55pts 56+ pts

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