In-Person Learning

Online resources are a great starting point, but it also helps to have experienced eyes there to help you as you learn. RDDC has group practices where you can learn the basics yourself and also see how the more experienced teams play.

If you are comfortable jumping straight in, Toss’n’Fetch league is a great starting point. It is a low cost and low pressure way to get into the more competitive side of disc. Our club as a team competes against other clubs around the world.

If you would like a more structured setting, our members teach classes through 4Limb Gym.

We also offer private and semi-private lessons if you would like more one-on-one time to learn the game, trouble shoot an issue, or want to learn a new part of the game.

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How old does my dog have to be?

We believe in starting your dogs early and going slow. Puppyhood is a great time to get the foundations solid while waiting for growth plates to close.

Intensive in air catches are out, but you can still work recall, disc management, bite commitment, and how to communicate and work smoothly together. Basically all the little bits and pieces between catches that are so important to success.

Both Updog Challenge and Toss’n’Fetch allow rollers which are a great starting point for puppies and allow them to get used to the competition environment.

You can run into a few pitfalls with heavy roller use. RDDC has experienced teams that have been through and can spot these early and help you avoid creating bad habits for future play.